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Dacxi Chain Review: The Social Impact of a Booming Innovation Industry

When it comes to the fundamental purpose of business, there are two schools of thought. On one side you have the traditional conservative business lobby, which strongly believes that the only reason to be in business is to make money. On the other hand, you have left-liberals who will tell you that the primary purpose of corporations should be to create “social good”. But are these two points of view really incompatible? Dacxi doesn’t think so. Especially considering all that innovative new companies can bring to the table.

With the right funding, innovative companies have tremendous potential to quickly generate widespread economic growth. The last decades of rapid economic growth in parts of Asia are undeniable testimony to this. And with growth comes higher employment, better education, better health care, and a higher overall standard of living.

The correlation between business and standard of living.

In developing countries around the world, the correlation between business success and high living standards is immediately evident. Where we see increased business activity, we also tend to see long-term improvements in key living standards and quality of life metrics:

  • Revenue
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Women’s rights
  • Infant mortality
  • Longevity
  • Security
  • Security
  • Hobbies
  • Freedom
  • Environment

The benefits of commercial success are also evident in developed countries. We can see that as trade concentrates in certain areas, others are visibly struggling. For example, in the United States, the contrast between Silicon Valley and much of the rural South is stark. They are in the same country, but they are literally worlds apart. Focus on innovation enclaves like Austin, Texas, where new companies have generated vigorous economic activity, and it looks like Silicon Valley might be just across the county.

So what’s the difference between bustling Austin and the depressed Alabama countryside a few hundred miles away? Austin has tapped into the latent entrepreneurial spirit of the people and provided an environment where they can thrive. And they did it by providing easy access to venture capital funding for small, high-potential tech companies.

Translate the same thought anywhere else in the world and you can expect similar results. More economic activity is correlated with improved living standards. This is why Dacxi believes that the answer to many social and economic inequalities around the world lies in unleashing the innovative power of the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are the future.

Entrepreneurs have the power to change the world. With the right funding behind them, they can provide solutions to countless problems facing the world. Improving lives, ensuring equality, creating wealth and distributing it fairly.

It’s a big vision. There is only one problem. The current innovation funding ecosystem is skewed and broken. Dacxi estimates that up to one million worthwhile projects per year are lost worldwide, all due to lack of adequate funding.

At Dacxi, we believe good ideas can come from anywhere. Innovation is blind to race, religion and culture. There are as many incredible ideas and entrepreneurs in Peru, Vietnam, Bosnia, Pakistan as in Silicon Valley or Shanghai. The problem is that there has never been a funding system that allows entrepreneurs to realize their potential.

Until now.

Tokenization technology will change everything.

The Dacxi Chain is a unique global tokenized equity crowdfunding system that will overcome the flaws of the current Early Stage funding system. By using the power of tokenization to create digital versions of company shares, the Dacxi chain will make innovation funding easier to obtain and more plentiful than ever.

Dacxi Channel is designed with the belief that innovation is blind to race, religion, gender and culture. There are countless fantastic ideas and entrepreneurs in every country. With the right funding, they can and will change the world for the better.

There are also countless people who want to invest in big companies. They just need the system, the support and the confidence to do it. The Dacxi chain will connect these innovators and investors simply and easily. All in a regulated and well-managed environment that gives success its best chance.

The economic multiplier effect.

The economic multiplier effect means that small changes in economic growth can lead to very large improvements in income. Businesses do not exist in a vacuum; they consume local goods and services. Around a single thriving core business, an entire local ecosystem will emerge to meet its needs, the people it employs and their families.

In addition to creating prosperity, innovative businesses can make socially important goods and services more accessible to more people. The experience of developing countries has shown that new businesses tend to focus on products that they know their fellow citizens want and need and that are specific to the unique conditions of their own country.

For example, in East Africa, water filtration units supplied by foreign aid organizations simply did not work because they were designed for the high pressure water reticulation systems of Europe. A local engineer recognized this problem and designed and built a water filter that worked with the very low water pressure found in much of the region.

Entrepreneurs increase competition.

By creating new businesses, entrepreneurs intensify competition. This tends to do two things; force prices down and quality up. This means that relative incomes increase and there are more choices. If established companies want to stay in the market, they need to step up their efforts and make their products more attractive, either by reducing costs and/or improving quality and performance. Either way, it’s a win for local people and a direct social benefit of entrepreneurial activity.

The tokenized global crowdfunding system Dacxi Chain is an agent of change.

Entrepreneurs are naturally inclined to create economic value, which not only benefits themselves, but society as a whole. These entrepreneurs can be found in every country in the world. But until now, they lacked the right amount of crowdfunding, accessible at the right time.

On the other side of the investment equation, countless people all over the world are looking to grow their wealth by investing in viable new businesses. For the first time, these entrepreneurs and investors can be connected, with the tokenized global crowdfunding platform Dacxi Chain.

The impact will be incredible. Global innovation will explode. And with it, underdeveloped regions and nations will experience growth and improvements in living standards they never thought possible.

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