The e-commerce sector will benefit from a big boost

Budget for the fiscal year -2022-2023

The government has taken up a project to advance the country’s e-commerce sector with the aim of creating more jobs in the sector.

“To support the growth of e-commerce in Bangladesh and encourage new start-ups, which will create new employment opportunities, a project called ‘My e-commerce, my own business’ has been taken over by the government,” the government said. Minister of Finances. AHM Mustafa Kamal said while presenting the draft national budget for FY23 in the Jatiya Sangsad on Thursday.

The aim of this project is to harness the skills of new entrepreneurs and develop small and medium enterprises in this sector in rural areas of Bangladesh, he said.

Previously, the government drafted the National Digital Commerce Policy in 2018. Although e-commerce boomed during the pandemic, it was also riddled with scams.

The government recently introduced the Digital Commerce Business ID (DBID), which is issued by the Registrar of Joint Stock of Companies (RJSC) to e-commerce entities, to restore public confidence in e-commerce sites and also to protect the interests of consumers.

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