The e-commerce industry gathers in Antalya, Turkey for a 3-day event

E-commerce industry players from Turkey and abroad gathered in the Turkish Mediterranean resort town of Antalya on Tuesday for a three-day meeting.

Businesses and shareholders gathered for the Global E-Commerce Forum (Worldef) meeting, with several topics including the entrepreneurship ecosystem, global markets and emerging trends in retail and digital marketing , to discuss.

More than 50 Turkish and foreign industry professionals will deliver keynote speeches during sessions at the event, which hosts more than 1,200 attendees from 35 countries.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Omer Nart, the head of Worldef, said the share of marketplaces hosted by the event in the global market was around $150 billion.

“With the pandemic, new opportunities have arisen for the e-commerce sector, this event was organized to take advantage of these opportunities,” he added.

Nart also said Worldef’s global meeting in the UK on October 25-26 will be the forum’s first overseas event.

“The entire European e-commerce ecosystem will come together at this event,” he added.

Daniel Vines, vice president of FedEx Europe, said e-commerce is growing at a breakneck pace and creating fantastic opportunities for everyone.

“To compete in this rapidly changing market, makers are striving to provide a seamless customer experience,” he pointed out.

– Objective of 100,000 participants for the Antalya meeting

In a press release after the opening ceremony, Nart said the London meeting would meet Turkish businessmen with their counterparts from the UK, which has a £700 billion e-commerce market. ($916.8 billion).

The meeting will attract some 300 Turkish companies from several e-commerce sectors, such as retailers, service providers, logistics companies, technology companies and marketplaces, he added.

Regarding the Antalya meeting, he said it would have about 1,500 participants this year, but that figure would reach 100,000 in five years.

In a few years, Turkey’s electronics export volume, which currently stands at $2 billion a year, could increase by $3 billion to $4 billion thanks to relations with the United Kingdom, according to Nart.

Orxan Isayev, CEO of ShopiVerse, a store provider for e-commerce businesses, said the UK is a very attractive market for the Turkish e-commerce sector.

Turkish manufacturers, he said, can produce cheap but quality products and Turkish companies can integrate with British and European companies at the event in London.