the average basket increases to 71 euros in 2021 – Best of Boating

More and more eco-responsible packaging, growing mobile purchases and ever-faster shipping times: beauty is also part of the broader process of digitizing shopping, which is increasingly customer-centric and environmentally-conscious. . This is demonstrated by the analysis carried out by PayPlug the online and multi-channel bank card payment solution for SMEs, in collaboration with greedy and RAJA to identify the trends and evolution of consumption in this sector, at Italian and European level.

The data, says PayPlug, does indeed paint an accurate picture of the beauty shopping ecosystem . Specifically, the multi-channel experience in recent years has increasingly clearly separated the modes of purchase via e-commerce and those present in traditional physical commerce. Above all, to prove it, it is the figure of the average basket who stands at 92€ for those who opt for a multichannel presence, while at 71 euros for e-commerce and 58 euros for physical stores.

As for the most chosen device for beauty purchases, it appears that smartphones and tablets are preferred (56%) for purchases under 75 euros , while above this figure it is easier to buy from the computer (60%). The amount of mobile purchases is increasing more and more: 64 euros in 2021 against 59 in 2020.

The analysis also identified the 3 most efficient means of payment: the payment link (Pay-by-Link), which is received via email, SMS or various messaging apps, and quickly redirects to a secure payment page; 1-click payment which allows immediate payment via pre-registered payment methods; payment in payments.

The data provided by PayPlug also relates to client satisfaction – which is particularly high in Italy, with a score of 4.8 out of 5 – showing how much this is linked to delivery times: the elements that stand out the most in the positive reviews are indeed the punctuality of deliveries (56% ), while those that stand out the most in negative reviews are delivery delays (41%).

As for the most used e-commerce platforms, Prestashop (41%) comes first, followed by court the trade (22%) and Shopify (16%).

The key to success, PayPlug points out, is choosing a environmental sustainability approach . Indeed, to satisfy their customers, merchants are increasingly opting for ecological packaging : Between 2020 and 2021, there was an increase in sustainable paper tapes equal to 70% and green fillers equal to 30%. %.

“The beauty ecosystem is facing growing challenges: in addition to adapting to the constant evolution of consumption and engaging on the omnichannel front, the appropriate approach to the needs of the contemporary customer can no longer be limited to choosing the right sales channels”, explains Mirella Bengio, Head of Channels and Strategic Partnerships at PayPlug Italia . “As the data shows, in fact, customer satisfaction is increasingly linked to factors that go beyond the purchasing process, and which also include logistics or companies’ attention to environmental sustainability. . . For this reason, it is essential to offer customers an experience that fully meets the new needs of consumers”.