Strict Saudi law: Hajj pilgrims warned against drug trafficking – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pilgrims performing the 2022 Hajj have been warned to refrain from carrying banned drugs to the Holy Land as severe punishment awaits any pilgrim found with drugs, an official with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Health said on Sunday. interfaith harmony.

“Saudi drug law was very strict and authorities were encouraged to educate pilgrims,” he said, urging future pilgrims to obey the law in the Holy Land.

“We advise pilgrims not to be involved in drug trafficking as we all know it leads to the death penalty,” he said. “You must be law-abiding and show good conduct in the Holy Land so as not to tarnish the image of the country,” he said.

He also warned pilgrims against carrying bags or envelopes in the names of people. He called on pilgrim trainers to enlighten pilgrims on the inherent dangers of drug transportation, smuggling drugs to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He said many pilgrims were ignorant and needed to be told about Hajj rituals and the code of conduct in the Holy Land.

The ministry had made adequate arrangements to ensure that they performed the pilgrimage without difficulty. He urged future pilgrims to exercise the highest sense of responsibility and perform the pilgrimage in accordance with Islamic teaching.

Meanwhile, an Anti Narcotic Force official also warned would-be pilgrims against smuggling drugs into Saudi Arabia, saying Saudi authorities would not tolerate such an act, which carries the death penalty for a such act.

The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) was already receiving complaints on its 24-hour 1415 hotline.

He said sharing information regarding drug trafficking, trafficking or any other narcotics-related activity by the general public is highly appreciated.