Special Committee to Submit Recommendations for the Electronic Commerce Sector

| Update:
10 November 2021 16:17:30

The Special Committee on Electronic Commerce is to submit its recommendations, including the issuance of a Unique Business Identification Number (UBIN), and the establishment of a Central Complaints Management System (CCMS) and a central logistics monitoring platform (CLTP), today (Wednesday) with the aim of bringing discipline to the sector in crisis.

The Commerce Ministry‘s Additional Secretary, AHM Shafiquzzaman, told reporters on Tuesday after the third and final meeting of the 15-member high-level committee held at the ministry.

“At the meeting, we decided to submit a report tomorrow (Wednesday),” said Shafiquzzaman, also head of the Commerce Department’s Digital Commerce Cell (DCC).

“We will submit the report in accordance with the terms and references (ToR) of the special committee. We finalized the report today (Tuesday),” he added.

Three issues – UBIN, CCMS and CLTP – will be included in the recommendations, the DCC chief said.

Currently, government agencies are working to issue UBINs to e-commerce companies in an attempt to discipline this industry. Aspire to Innovate (a2i) has already developed software in this regard, which will be launched soon, he mentioned.

Senior government officials have already sat at a special meeting on repaying more than Tk 2.14 billion stranded in various payment gateways as e-commerce customers prepay for ordered goods, Shafiquzzaman said. .

Some cases involving part of the blocked money are currently pending. Thus, an opinion was requested from the Ministry of Justice to settle the matter correctly and quickly, he added. Relevant government agencies will take the necessary steps to repay the money soon, he said.

Responding to a question, he said a total of 15 money laundering cases have been filed against e-commerce companies to date. On Sunday, the Ministry of Commerce sought the opinion of the Law and Justice Division of the Ministry of Justice regarding the legal aspects of the blocked fund.

On November 2, 2021, Bangladesh Bank (BB) requested the Ministry of Commerce to take action to refund money from e-commerce customers blocked on different payment gateways.

In response, the Commerce Department sought legal advice to resolve the matter quickly. On June 30, the central bank introduced an escrow service on payments to e-commerce platforms.

The government authority has already taken multiple measures following various scandals of dubious e-commerce platforms such as Evaly, E-orange, Dhamaka Shopp-ing, Sirajganj Shop etc.

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