Russia Fines Apple for Violating Data Storage Law | Economic news

A Moscow court on Tuesday fined Apple 2 million rubles (about $34,000) for refusing to store Russian users’ personal data on servers in Russia, as part of the government’s efforts to control the Internet. online activity.

Zoom Video Communications and Ookla, which runs the Internet tool Speedtest, were both fined 1 million rubles under the same law.

The Russian government has been trying for years to establish greater control over the internet and social media, an effort that has intensified in recent months as it tries to limit the flow of information about the war in Ukraine. In March, a Russian court banned Facebook and Instagram for what it called “extremist activity”.

For years, Russia’s communications regulatory agency, Roskomnadzor, has tried to force big tech companies to move Russian user data to servers in Russia. Google, Facebook and Twitter have all been charged with breaking the 2015 law and ordered to pay fines.

Apple was fined for the first time on Tuesday, the Interfax news agency reported. He said an Apple representative argued in court that data collection in Russia was not handled by Apple Inc. but by a separate entity, Apple Distribution. A Roskomnadzor representative insisted that Apple was responsible.

Airbnb, Pinterest and video streaming service Twitch were fined 2 million rubles last month under the same law.

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