Private sectors should proactively use Bida’s OSS: Bida chief

Md Sirazul Islam, Executive Chairman of Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (Bida), said that Bida’s One-Stop Service (OSS) portal currently provides 58 different services and the private sector should proactively use this platform in line to obtain these services.

“Bida registration and Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Enterprises (Risc) name clearance can now be obtained within 24 hours through OSS. In three years, OSS has been able to provide around 60,000 services,” he said during an OSS broadcast session hosted by the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) on Wednesday.

At one time, the private sector demanded a one-stop shop from which they could obtain all the services needed to start or run a business. At present, 90% of Bida’s services are delivered on time, Md Sirazul Islam added.

It therefore called on the private sector to access these digital facilities online to reduce the cost of doing business, a DCCI press release said.

If the private sector shows strong interest in benefiting from OSS services, hundreds of additional services will be added to the picture, he said.

“If we can reduce the time and the process, the cost will automatically decrease,” he added.

Dhaka Chamber Speaker Rizwan Rahman said, “We need to change our mindset to use the OSS. The Dhaka Chamber will endeavor to publicize the positive characteristics of OSS to its members as well as to the business community to make it familiar.

He also asked Bida to develop a promotional video tutorial on OSS and upload it to social media for better reach.

Dhaka Chamber Senior Deputy Speaker Arman Haque said the OSS should be centrally managed as a national one-stop shop.

He also said that to create a business-friendly environment in Bangladesh, more services should be added to OSS to reduce the cost of doing business. If foreign investors derive maximum benefit from the OSS, it will facilitate the inflow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Mohsina Yasmin, executive member of Bida, Monowar Hossain, vice president of DCCI, and members of the Dhaka Chamber were present for the occasion.