Mankato CBD Store Prepares For New Minnesota Cannabis Law

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — On June 2, Governor Tim Walz signed a bill redefining cannabis laws in Minnesota, legalizing sales as long as they follow state regulations.

Mankato CBD Centers are excited for the new law to come into effect, as the law encourages the store’s message of growth and change.

“Everything we’ve been able to build over the past three years definitely aligns with the state’s agenda, with the state’s beliefs and hopes, to be able to heal together,” said Executive Director Rachel. Lorenzo.

Starting August 1, Minnesota’s bill legalizes all cannabinoid foods, beverages, and topicals in CBD businesses, as long as they’re sold at 5 mg per THC serving and 50 mg per package. Products must also stay within the federal limit of 0.3% THC.

“We’re preparing for that, we have a manufacturing facility in Waseca, but I think once it’s open people will realize that there are options in Minnesota that give them what they want. want,” said Matthew, co-owner of CBD Centers. Little said.

In addition to the legalization of sales, products must go through new testing, labeling and packaging procedures.

“For us, that was never a problem and that’s how we gained a following and why we’re still in business when other CBD stores have come and gone because they were just trying to sell. We’re really education-based,” Little said.

CBD center owners say the law will help de-stigmatize the products and encourage other states to trust Minnesota-grown produce.

“To be able to have CBD trending, if not the entire cannabis industry, gives us the right exposure to be able to cross those bridges, fix them, keep the fight going. Lead the fight. But I hope we will have a new clientele. We are here to serve, we are here to change, to help and to heal, and more,” Lorenzo said.

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