Lawsuit: Cannabis Chemical Delta-8 legal under Georgia law | Georgia News

ATLANTA (AP) — A new lawsuit in Georgia is seeking a court order declaring that a chemical tied to the main intoxicating ingredient in pot is legal under state law.

The chemical, called delta-8 THC, is primarily synthesized from CBD, a non-intoxicating chemical prevalent in hemp. Delta-8 has become extremely popular across the country, and the cannabis industry and state governments are grappling with its rise.

An Atlanta law firm said it filed a lawsuit Thursday after the Gwinnett County District Attorney threatened to sue companies selling products containing delta-8 and a related chemical, delta-10.

District Attorney Patsy Austin-Gatson said in January that possessing, selling or distributing delta-8 was illegal under state law, according to the lawsuit filed by the Pate, Johnson & Church company. An email Friday to the district attorney’s office was not immediately returned.

The lawsuit says the district attorney misinterpreted “hemp” and “hemp products” under state law. Along with a statement that the delta-8 and delta-10 products are legal, he is seeking a court order barring Austin-Gatson and the state from suing the business owners for selling them.

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