How to increase e-Commerce sales during the holidays?

With ad retargeting, you target audiences who have already visited your online store. Often customers leave a website without buying, thinking they will buy during a festive season. Therefore, holiday periods are perfect for bringing back this defined audience to increase sales. To handle the large amount of work online, having good internet speed is essential. Use Google Fiber or Speed ​​Test to check if the internet speed is fast enough to handle everything smoothly.

Plus, it helps reduce abandoned cart rates. To nudge customers into making the purchase, offer them a time-sensitive discount code.

  • Create a sense of anticipation

We know that discounts and sales will rain down during the holiday season. How are you going to make your eCommerce store stand out in such a scenario? An easy way to stand out among competitors is to create a sense of anticipation. Announce the discounts you will be offering and start the countdown.

Creating a sense of anticipation is also the perfect way to get customers excited. Also consider adding a countdown timer to the sale on the website. You can also customize the website to suit the mood of the holiday season.

  • Streamline the payment process

You need to optimize the checkout process to increase your online store sales. Make it extremely easy for customers to make a purchase. Also, optimize the website to make shopping easier for customers. Randomly offering many options to customers creates decision fatigue. Work on reducing it by having appropriate categories on your websites.

Also work on improving the loading speed of the website. Surveys have indicated that too much loading time frustrates customers. Keep the checkout process as simple and quick as possible.

  • Optimize online website for smartphones

Smartphones have become extremely important for online stores. Customers prefer to shop from their smartphones as it allows them to shop on the go and does not require holding a heavy laptop. Therefore, optimize your online website to make it mobile-friendly.

To optimize the website for smartphones, provide them with a personalized experience, enable dynamic pages and remove unnecessary pop-ups. Also, the option to pre-fill customer details will speed up the checkout process.

Shipping speed is often a decisive situation during the holiday season. Customers often make a rush purchase and expect the shipment to arrive on time. Therefore, matching with a leading logistics company can offer fast shipping.

Also try to keep shipping free or low. 49% of customers abandon their cart because of high shipping. On the other hand, 19% of customers do not buy because the shipping time is slow. During holiday seasons, prompt delivery is more critical than shipping cost.

  • Engage in email and social media marketing

Marketing is of paramount importance to publicize your store’s holiday promotions. Email and social media marketing can bring high ROI during the holiday season. The ideal time to start marketing is 10-15 days before the start of the holiday season. This duration is long enough to keep the level of anticipation high and short enough to keep customers’ patience as well.

Also, ask the customer to keep their cart ready so they can shop as soon as the sales go live in the store.

Proper marketing, smooth payment, and good delivery speed are important to boost eCommerce sales during the holiday season. Optimizing the online store for smartphones and high traffic is also crucial. Remember that no one size fits all. So keep experimenting with different strategies to find the one that works best for your type of audience and your business.