Grocery Shopii Technology Helps Retailers Increase Online Sales

The roles that technology can play in bringing consumers back into the perimeter – and keeping them there, and ensuring repeat visits – are myriad.

Digital experiences have the power to engage shoppers, creating both “loyalty” and loyalty by delivering value shoppers can’t achieve elsewhere, said Katie Hotze, CEO of Charlotte, NC. Nord, Grocery Shopii, a digital meal planning platform for grocers that uses recipes. to fill the carts, accelerating the online shopping journey while solving the headache of meal planning for shoppers.

“Given the massive digital transformation grocery has experienced during the pandemic, technology can create high-performing revenue channels for new perimeter sales by leveraging mobile, social and digital experiences that deliver value to the shopper by delivering more personal experiences, more connected and faster than ever before,” Hotze said.

Grocery Shopii does this by asking retailers to think of a recipe as a package that contains all of the ingredients needed to produce a meal. This bundle may contain items from the Bakery, Meat Department, Dairy, Perimeter Fresh, and Central Store. And, Hotze said, that’s where the power of technology can drive larger baskets and impulse purchases because it simplifies the buying process by delivering value to the shopper.

“When a grocer uses the Grocery Shopii-branded meal-planning platform on their existing website, meal-planning shoppers spend up to 20% more per shopping journey and return four times more often to the grocer’s site,” Hotze said. “This is a direct boost to perimeter fresh as the carts are filled with recipes, which tend to be fruit or veg.”

Not only does the platform drive sales, it also supports last-minute merchandising efforts when farmers need to move excess produce. A recipe featuring this product can be deployed both in-store and digitally within hours to trigger sales specific to a selected item.

Grocery Shopii is a retailer-focused platform that provides essential support for retailers selling groceries online today, Hotze said. The company’s platform includes a retailer’s logo, colors, imager, and Grocery Shopii can even add their recipes to their existing catalog, creating a recipe shopping experience that aligns with the grocer’s brand while providing shoppers with fast, convenient meal planning and grocery shopping in five minutes or less.

“Our platform will always be free to shoppers, and it aims to drive shoppers back to the grocer’s website to leverage the meal planning capability, which intensifies customer loyalty.”