Golf Business News – Golf Monthly reports record e-commerce sales for its retail partners

Future golf brand plc Golf Monthly saw record online traffic and e-commerce transactions during the month of May, with the site delivering over £738,000 in direct sales to retail partners and revealing research online and the buying habits of golfers.

Golf Monthly’s content director, Mike Harris, says: “We saw an increase in traffic across the entire site in May, with visits to the buying advice and review content pages increasing by 111 % compared to the same period last year (source Google Analytics, May 2022), helping to fuel huge growth in e-commerce revenues which are up 219% compared to May 2021.”

“The wealth of user data we collect from Google Analytics and our proprietary e-commerce platform, ‘Hawk’, provides exceptional insight into the types of products that golfers are not only looking for, but also buying online. line,” adds Harris.

The “Golf Monthly” product testing team has recently been expanded

Content focused on product categories such as drivers, irons, shoes, and bundles saw very high levels of engagement (as measured by page views) with bundles , shoes, push cart, and distance measuring devices enjoying the highest conversion-to-purchase rates (as measured by click-through rates) and proving the primary drivers of increased golfer spending one year to the next.

Another remarkable metric that highlights how engaged golfers who visit’s shopping advice pages are is that they spent a combined total of 1.56 million minutes (source May 2022) to read this content during the month of May.

“When Future Plc acquired Golf Monthly in May 2020, we set out a vision to become the world’s number one golf buying advisor and the latest figures show our progress towards that goal,” adds Harris.

One of Golf Monthly’s main strategic goals is to attract more qualified buyers to its site through a combination of high-quality buying advice and SEO expertise. This approach has allowed to rank well in search engines for the most popular golf shopping terms and to use its proprietary e-commerce platform, “Hawk”, to drive sales. directly to merchant sites.

“This highly engaged audience that we are generating around buying advice provides our business partners with a wealth of opportunities to engage with avid golfers who are actively looking to purchase new products as part of their desire to improve their game” , says Harris.