As an alternative of telling them about their shared ache over the lack of their mom, Fleabag and Claire’s father ebook them tickets to occasions that concentrate on girls. They go to feminist conferences and a silent mindfulness retreat (for Mom’s Day), which doesn’t contact on their ache or their estrangement. Upon retirement, Fleabag meets the financial institution supervisor, who’s taking a course to learn to be a greater man following a office sexual harassment scandal. Over the course of a cigarette, they share their despair.

    “You simply tilt your head”

    Claire’s husband Martin is terrible. He tries to kiss Fleabag at his sister’s “shock” celebration (meticulously organized by Claire, clearly) then lies to Claire that Fleabag has taken step one and is glad about it. Martin is a drunken liar who withholds her affection, makes uncomfortably inappropriate sexual remarks, and convinces a really sad Claire to not comply with her dream of shifting to Finland, however fairly to stick with him. On the poison scale Chip bag characters nonetheless, there comes a couple of notches below Godmother (Olivia Colman).

    “Please care for your self, you look actually horrible, honey”

    Godmother, an artist, moved in with Fleabag and Claire’s father (Invoice Paterson) after their mom died of breast most cancers three years in the past. (Or, as Godmother would have “their dad and mom separate.”) She is a vial of poison wrapped in a tunic, who, regardless of being Fleabag’s Godmother, is merciless to her at each alternative. When Fleabag pushes her in opposition to a wall, the godmother slaps her laborious within the face, an act that Fleabag’s father witnessed.

    Fleabag’s father tells Fleabag he can not help her financially (not that she requested for assist) as a result of he and godmother cannot afford it, then it seems they’ve purchased a second residence in France. Felicity, the godmother’s expensive cat, continues to be attempting to flee, so Fleabag lets her out onto the road. The godmother undermines Fleabag’s work, relationships, look and deceased mom, nonetheless with a smile, nonetheless in entrance of Fleabag’s clearly sad and emotionally distant father.

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