Dynamic Travel: Jharkhand’s new policy set to boost tourism sector; to unveil today

Jharkhand will unveil a new tourism policy on Saturday that seeks to build a holistic approach, combining rural tourism and the state’s local economy with the need for refuge and a rendezvous with nature of modern, urban travellers.

Tourism, one of the biggest revenue generators for Jharkhand, faced immense difficulties following the outbreak of Covid-19 in March 2020. Now, two years later, Jharkhand is planning foster a thriving tourism ecosystem with the new policy. The Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture, Sports and Youth, Government of Jharkhand has partnered with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry to come up with the policy, which will be launched on Saturday.

To develop the new policy, the government focused on promoting adventure, wellness, religious, rural, mining and tourism. It will also promote destinations in the state as weekend getaways as it tries to establish itself as one of India’s top tourist destinations.


Nature and natural beauty are abundant in Jharkhand. From forests and waterfalls to scenic tourist destinations, the state plans to present itself as a traveler’s paradise. The new tourism policy, 2021, was deemed necessary to chart a course for tourism to thrive.

The main focus areas of the state government are to develop Parasnath, Itkhori and Madhuban for religious pilgrimages. To promote ecotourism, it will develop eco-tours such as Latehar-Netarhat-Betla-Chandil-Dalma-Mirchaiya-Getalsud. It will also strive to promote fairs and festivals and provide tourists with the opportunity to experience the rich and varied cultural heritage of the state by boosting cultural and rural tourism.

The policy also addresses adventure tourism such as water sports, paragliding, rock climbing and motor flying. He focuses on promoting Jharkhand as a haven of rest and recuperation to advance his pursuit in the development of wellness tourism.

Jharkhand also has the geographical advantage of being close to the main urban centers of Bihar, Bengal and Odisha and is therefore an ideal destination for weekend getaways.

A unique aspect of the new policy is the promotion of mining tourism, a concept that is gaining momentum nationally and internationally. The government plans to modernize the Jharkhand Tourism Development Corporation to meet the policy targets. It will also upgrade existing tourist information centers for tourist reservations, accommodation and transportation needs.


The policy also offers incentives and grants to investors. It has streamlined the licensing, incentives and grants system through a one-stop-shop system to make the process hassle-free. He also proposed a constructive and mutually beneficial partnership between the private sector and the public sector through Build Operate Transfer, Build Own Operate Transfer, Built Lease Transfer. The policy also proposes a tourist security force, a 24-hour tourist hotline and a central control room.