Chinese companies stepped forward to explore opportunities in e-commerce sector

BEIJING – Pakistan is making every effort to improve its e-commerce sector and is offering Chinese companies attractive incentives and policies to explore opportunities in this sector, said Badar Uz Zaman, trade adviser at the Embassy of China. Pakistan in Beijing.

“We need to attract Chinese e-commerce application, developers, e-commerce payment solution providers and insurance companies so that we can develop a comprehensive environment where e-commerce transactions can increase,” a- he told APP on the sidelines of Pakistan Investment. Online Cross-Border Trade Negotiations Forum and Conference co-hosted by Pakistan Embassy in Beijing.

He informed that Pakistan has a large population and around 150 million cell phones are active while now people are turning to smart phones. A number of applications are forthcoming, but there are still vast opportunities for other businesses.

Badar said there was a shortage of good parcel delivery services and companies, adding, “If these services are introduced by China, like SF Express, ZTO and other companies that are very efficient here, we will therefore improve our e-commerce and supply chain industry.

He said that during the conference, several Chinese presented their own applications for complete solutions covering banking, insurance, delivery and all other aspects of e-commerce.

“These investors are also very keen to enter the Pakistani market and they have also signed agreements with Pakistani commodity exporters,” he added.

About the eleven to eleven major e-commerce industry sales in China and the world, he said that some Pakistani e-commerce companies also offer many discounts. He hopes that one day Pakistan will also have this kind of supply chain in the e-commerce sector.

Badar pointed out that some companies who attended today’s event will also be launching apps and contributing to this event.

Regarding the participation of companies in the conference, he said that more than 50 companies from various sectors attended the event today and discussed investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque gave a detailed overview of the opportunities and even companies available in Pakistan.

“The business representatives raised so many questions and they also had the opportunity to do business-to-business matches. So, they also met Pakistani entrepreneurs. In the end, the companies that met each of them at this event, it will become a real business. “

He believed that due to the strong consumer demand in the Pakistani market, Chinese companies could start a business very quickly in special economic zones and industrial zones of Pakistan.