BTSO is in Ankara for inquiries from representatives of the energy sector

BTSO is in Ankara for inquiries from representatives of the energy sector

The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) continues its intense negotiation traffic with Ankara in order to solve the demands of the business community. The delegation, which included representatives from the BTSO fuels and energy sector, visited the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) and the Ministry of Commerce and shared the demands and expectations of the sector .

BTSO, Bursa’s umbrella business organization, continues to track all inquiries from its more than 50,000 members. BTSO Board Chairman İbrahim Burkay and BTSO Assembly Chairman Ali Uğur paid a series of visits to Ankara for the issues of representatives of the fuel and energy sector members of BTSO. Assembly members İlhan Parseker, Erdal Aktuğ, Chairman of the Energy Council and Assembly member Erol Dağlıoğlu, Chairman of the 34th Professional Committee Serdar Şehmuz Karadayı and Vice Chairman of the 21st Professional Committee İbrahim Karaman were also present in the BTSO delegation.


The BTSO delegation visited Vice Minister of Commerce Sezai Uçarmak, EMRA President Mustafa Yılmaz and EMRA Vice President Yılmaz Tamer. President İbrahim Burkay forwarded the detailed report with industry demands and suggested solutions to Mustafa Yılmaz and Sezai Uçarmak. BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay said that energy, which is the primary raw material for economic development, retains its undisputed leadership among strategic priorities.


İbrahim Burkay said that with the global growth and increasing population, the need and demand for energy continues to increase day by day. Noting that they follow up on all requests from the energy and fuel sector, President Burkay said: “We have decided to organize a program of visits to the Ministry of Commerce and EMRA during our meeting with our industry representatives in January with broad participation. In accordance with the joint decision we made, we had the opportunity to convey our industry’s demands personally by visiting Deputy Minister Sezai Uçarmak and EMRA President Mustafa Yılmaz with our delegation. We have forwarded numerous requests and proposals for solutions to the Ministry of Commerce and EMRA, concerning incentives for investment in renewable energy sources, the reduction of recently increased costs in the fuel sector and inspections. noted.

Stating that the distance to the fuel distribution area also negatively affects dealer profits, Chairman Burkay said, “Having shipping costs included in the total dealer profit margin negatively affects our dealers who are far from the Regions distribution. In addition, the selling prices at the pump in some places close to the distribution regions are higher than in distant provinces such as Bursa. It was one of our most important requests that the selling prices at the pump be determined taking into account the distance to the distribution regions.


İbrahim Burkay, who said he received the good news that they have reset dealers’ participation in auto sales, which is among BTSO’s demands, during their meeting with EMRA President Mustafa Yılmaz, said “The decision to introduce new regulations that will eliminate commission amounts reflected to fuel dealers in the Vehicle Identification System (TTS). We welcomed him. While this measure will reduce pricing pressure in the fuel business, it will also result in a significant improvement in profit margins for our dealerships. We would like to thank our Honorable President Mustafa Yılmaz for listening to the demands of our industry. As BTSO, we will continue our efforts to solve the problems of our industry. he said.


BTSO Assembly Member İlhan Parseker said he made important visits to Ankara with the industry representatives and said, “During our visit to the Ministry of Commerce with our chamber organization, we have reports on the problems encountered regarding audits which are closely related to our sector.During our visit to EMRA President, Mustafa Yılmaz, we had the opportunity to discuss different issues such as transport and transport system. fuel industry vehicle recognition. We really thank EMRA for the vehicle recognition system. Our industry has been waiting for this problem for a long time. EMRA is well aware of the demands of our industry. Transportation is also an important issue in our industry.Shipping costs eliminate a significant portion of the dealer’s profit.Transportation costs paid by dealers in areas far to fill points can drive dealers’ profits to ground zero. At this point, we requested EMRA’s assistance in resolving the issues. ” noted.


BTSO Energy Board Chairman and Assembly Member Erol Dağlıoğlu said they had the opportunity to consult on Ankara’s agenda, especially in the field of renewable energy . Stressing the importance of increasing new incentive mechanisms for renewable energy and easing the bureaucratic structure of investments, Dağlıoğlu said: “We want entrepreneurs who invest in foreign currency to continue financing renewable resources in the face of the ‘costs increase, and we want the renewable energy potential to be used efficiently in our country. At this point, an update model should be created to ensure continued investment in SER media. During the visit, we also expressed our views on hybrid power plants. I would like to thank our EMRA President, Mustafa Yılmaz, for his kind hospitality and contributions to the sector.


Erdal Aktuğ, a member of BTSO’s 21st Professional Committee Assembly, said that renewable energy is a very promising sector for Turkey’s future and indicated that they want a positive outlook in this field. Aktuğ said, “Investments in solar energy, in particular, are important in this regard. We learned from our EMRA president, Mustafa Yılmaz, that a study is underway to establish power stations on the roofs of factories in OIZs. We also had the opportunity to share our point of view on the implementation of solar power plants in tourist facilities. noted.


BTSO Assembly Speaker Ali Uğur said increases in the energy and fuel sector due to the pandemic have affected companies financially, and said, “As BTSO, we are working to resolve each request from our sectors by forwarding it to the ministries concerned. and establishments. Together with our representatives from the energy sector, we paid a productive visit to EMRA and the Ministry of Commerce in Ankara. We will continue our efforts to meet the demands of our sectors. used expressions.